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If you are an experienced band in the Greater Manchester area looking for gigs, we have enquiries daily for bands in your area.

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Boogieref: 2588

If you want: Traditional Celtic Folk, encompassing vocal and / or instrumental music from Scotland (especially West Coast) music from Eire (The Emerald Isle) also from the West Country, Appalachia (American Irish / American) and even England (gasp!)and beyond; this is your band! The line-up is: Accordion, Vioin, Guitar and Bodhran (Celtic Drum). This band has the sound, which ticks all the musical checkboxes of tight rhythm, textured bass, soaring lead-melodies and punchy percussion for a full, rich and authentic sound - that moves you to your core!
The band plays a range of live acoustic Celtic moods, ranging from dynamic, charging, stomping, electric and vibrant floor-fillers to lift your spirits; spanning across to soulful, poignant ballads and honour-songs that might be suitable for any occasion but especially those requiring more reflection. You cannot beat these boys for energy, delivery, technical competency and emotional content. The band plays all over the place: London, Brighton, Home Counties and the West. They generally play pubs, clubs, restaurants, private parties, ceilidhs, barn dances, weddings, charity functions,
Boogieref: 2444Example Entertainer
Boogieref: 2444

A bunch of happy fellas aged 50+ who enjoy playing hits from the 50's and 60's
Based around Kent and South east London but could be persuaded to travel further.