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Boogieref: 593

The World's Number 1 Eric Clapton Tribute Band.
The band was formed in 1985 in Newcastle upon Tyne long before the term “tribute band” was invented, and named themselves ''After Midnight'' after Eric Clapton’s first solo hit. Their ability to re-create Clapton’s electrifying stage performances really caught the audience’s imagination. The band possesses a front man who not only looks like Eric, he sings and plays guitar like him too! In 1999, he won a national look-alike competition held at Madam Tussauds in London. He has met Slowhand twice, and even received a message of encouragement from the guitar maestro (written on a Conc
Boogieref: 2700Example Entertainer
Boogieref: 2700

Kent based 5 peice Rolling Stones Covers Band. Covering all the classics and some album tracks, hi energy, flat out rock n roll from start to finish.
Although we do not go for the full 'tribute' look, our authentism, energy, look and feel out surpasses any tribute band gigging today.