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Boogieref: 1742Example Entertainer
Boogieref: 1742

The band are a contemporary Rock group from Surrey that draw influences from a wide range of genres. Frontman Rusty Cooksie looks at a multitude of different ideas and styles in order to write original rock music. They also encourparate a variety of covers into their sets and are happy to include any specific covers into their set.
This band formed in Surrey around Febuary 2010 with Rusty Cooksie (Lead Vocals and Guitar), Will Nash (Backing Vocals and Lead Guitar) and Mitch Forsyth (Drums). The three bonded quickly and within a week of their first casual jam were already working on original material. Over time the band recruited a bassist and whilst Cooksie was the main songwriter of the band, Nash also brought his own music to the table and the two split the vocal duties over who wrote songs, each performing lead vocals on their own songs. The four began to gig and recieved highly positive feedback, prased for Cooksi
Boogieref: 668Example Entertainer
Boogieref: 668

This fantastic band is a 5 piece rock / alternative outfit whose influences include The Boomtown Rats, Blondie, Depeche Mode, Iron Maiden, Bob Marley, Rod Stewart to name a few.