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Due to our ever increasing demand for high quality bands in West Dunbartonshire, we are inviting bands to join our rapidly expanding national band booking agency.

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If you are an experienced band in the West Dunbartonshire area looking for gigs, we have enquiries daily for bands in your area.

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Boogieref: 2842Example Entertainer
Boogieref: 2842

Experienced singer / guitarist. Huge repertoire. Great variety of music from old time standards to present day. Available solo, as part of a duo or with a band.
He loves generating a party atmosphere and getting a great singalong going but is also happy to play in the background for a more relaxed sound. He performs solo in pubs and clubs and also regularly performs for older people where he gets great pleasure in seeing the happiness that musical memories can bring. He can tailor a gig to virtually any audience - everything from old standards to modern rock!!!
Boogieref: 663Example Entertainer
Boogieref: 663

English Ceilidh Band, play traditional tunes from Derbyshire and beyond.
With Anglo Concertina, Melodeon, Banjo, Mandolin and Double Bass the band provides virtuoso renditions of traditional dance tunes with a solid rhythmic backing to make your ceilidh or barn dance go with a swing. The line-up is completed by an experienced caller who provides lively traditional dances for your enjoyment.