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Due to our ever increasing demand for high quality bands in West Dunbartonshire, we are inviting bands to join our rapidly expanding national band booking agency.

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If you are an experienced band in the West Dunbartonshire area looking for gigs, we have enquiries daily for bands in your area.

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Boogieref: 2304Example Entertainer
Boogieref: 2304

This band are a pop/rock covers act available for Functions,Parties, Weddings and Corporate events. Brought together by a mutual passion for performing music, this band takes pride in their live shows.
The band play a wide range of songs covering all genres from the rock n roll of the 1950's, to the everchanging sound of today. This gives their clients ample choice of style for an event. The band is constantly updating their song list and ware happy to learn new songs on request if we do not already play them. Between all the members of the band we have vast experience of playing at Pubs, Clubs, Parties, Weddings and Corporate events. All band members are superb musicians who have spent years honing their abilities on their particular instrument. Using their own PA system the band
Boogieref: 3458Example Entertainer
Boogieref: 3458

This is a band of six musicians who play and promote the best of Klezmer and Eastern European music. They bring wonderfully catchy , emotional and haunting melodies from their roots in Eastern Europe to a much wider audience. The group features vocalist and various instruments including violin, trumpet, tarogato, percussion, guitar and double bass which fill any venue with an incredible energy of sound. These fresh and innovative performances are enthusiastically received with delight all over the UK.